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Causes of Relapses (S-O-S)

     Many relapses occur spontaneously, but there are three relapse triggers that you can and should control.  I remember them with the acronym S-O-S.

     The first S stands for STRESS or infection (which I consider a form of stress). Stress can come from something as seemingly trivial as clutter around the house, to bills that arrive in the mail, to severe family or marital problems. Whatever the cause, identify and deal with it! 

     The O stands for OVER-EXERTION.  Most of us are not used to accomplishing tasks in multiple small steps, preferring instead to ‘finish the job’ once we get started. Even the great and accomplished have discovered the advantage of parsing out work.  Henry Ford once remarked that the most complicated jobs in the world could be made easy by breaking them down into very small manageable parts.

     The last S stands for SLEEP DEPRIVATION.  All CFS/ME experts that I recall meeting have always agreed that sleep is the most important problem to tackle.  Without adequate sleep even normal healthy people are tired, achy, and irritable. Sleep will always be non-restorative (that’s a common element of CFS/ME), but is sleep is delayed, too short, restless and shallow, or disturbed in any way, seek professional help in addressing that problem!