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     Due to reports of severe relapses following immunization, flu vaccinations are generally NOT recommended to persons with CFS or FM unless (1) you have taken flu vaccinations in the past and tolerated them well or (2) you have a serious chronic illness (such as emphysema, diabetes, or heart disease) in addition to CFS or FM. 

     Not only do some patients relapse after flu vaccination, but many do not sero-convert (develop antibodies) to the vaccination.  Thus you may suffer the discomfort of a “shot” plus the misery of a relapse, and not even develop immunity.

These are the current recommendations from the Hunter-Hopkins Center:


If you have tolerated it in the past, you may take a flu vaccination this year if you wish.  Recognize, however, that you may not develop protective antibodies.


If you are elderly, infirm, or have a serious chronic illness for which vaccination is recommended, weigh the risk of immunization against the risk of contracting the flu.


If you don’t take the flu vaccination, “antibiotics” are available to fight influenza.  These should be started within 72 hours of onset in order to reduce the severity and the length of your illness.  These drugs include:

Symmetrel (amantidine)  100mg bid for 5 days for influenza A Flumadene (ramantidine)  100mg bid for 5 days for influenza A

Relenza (an inhaler)  2 puffs bid for 5 days for influenza A or B Tamiflu   One tab bid for 5 days for influenza A or B

There have been anecdotal reports of relapses being triggered by Hepatitis B and Rubella  vaccines as well, but pneumococcal, H. influenza, and tetanus seem to be tolerated satisfactorily.